Being the internet sensation for both of his kitschy out-of-the-box content and his work as a music producer for quite some time now, Hazen Mardial is finally releasing his new EP titled Mardial & Friends. The EP features heaps of Jakarta’s future hip hop parvenues such as: Matter Mos, Ramengvrl of Underground Bizniz Club, Saesar of Preach Jakarta, veteran MC Yacko and UK-based rapper Ninjatea.

The six track EP was published on December 22nd 2017, accompanied by the music video for the single ‘Rush’ with Ariel Nayaka. With the electrifying beat from Mardial blent with Nayaka’s grime flow, the track surely initiates the excitement with a bang. The second track has just released this week which you can see below, featuring Gbrand’s African percussive hip hop. Head to Spotify directly to listen to the full album and keep updated.

Hazen Mardial Dropped New EP Titled 'Mardial and Friends'
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