Honu Poke and Matcha Bar opened up in Kemang around February 2017. Specializing in serving Poke Bowl, a Hawaiian dishes made with chunks of marinated raw fish cubes over a bowl of sushi rice, you can choose between Ahi Tuna, salmon or tofu for the main base. Then, it will be adorned with toppings such as nori, cucumber, lettuce and carrots. There are also other options for those who prefer cooked dishes like grilled chicken bowl and sweet potato fries to name a few.

As the name said, beverages come in the form of matcha drinks, which are made out of high quality imported organic matcha powder all the way from Kagoshima, Japan. Expect to see some variety of matcha concoctions, from matcha latte with honey and milk to ginger lemon matcha. The matcha really compliments the dishes and definitely would please your taste buds. If you happened to be around the neighbourhood, make sure to swing by.

Honu Amplified the Poke Bowl Trend in Jakarta
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