KÁLA ETERNA was founded in 2017 with the idea to provide aesthetically-modern look. With the urban culture as the main inspiration, all of the brand’s articles are their rendition of the complexity of post-modern lifestyle and the simplicity of human composure. Emphasizing on conceptual idea of garments, well-designed patterns and exceptional materials, all products are built to embellish the wearer’s uniqueness by means of bold yet simple appearance.

Their latest collection, dubbed the ‘Contra da Militia‘ exhibits the brand’s shift from the basics to a military approach. The brand believes that uniform and military dressing have been permeating into daily civilian life. Nonetheless, it still bears authenticity that will never go out of style. Let their resolute collection convey your personal style. Find out more about them by clicking the link above.

KÁLA ETERNA Offers Contemporary Military-Styled Collection on 'Contra da Militia'
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