It hasn’t been a year since Mata Najwa decided to pull out from Metro TV, but recently Mata Najwa has released series of teasers, announcing that they are going back to television. The initial Instagram teasers are pretty vague as there isn’t any information regarding the designated TV station or airing schedule. However, Trans 7 has released their own teasers on the upcoming show.

Fans are delighted to know that Mata Najwa is going to air on Trans 7. Based on the comments, they feel Transmedia (Trans 7’s holding company) doesn’t show any apparent political affiliation unlike other TV stations, particularly Metro TV. Nevertheless, one thing for sure is YouTube and television are totally different.

Even with the so-called neutrality and non-partisanship that they claim to have, the mass media framing and agenda will always intervene. We actually really like the idea of Mata Najwa in YouTube as it gives them freedom to discuss any topic or issues without having to follow the vague rules and regulations of Indonesian television broadcasting.

From several published YouTube videos especially the Tanah Abang black market investigation, we can see that Najwa Shihab and her team have the ability to discuss various sensitive things that can’t be said or won’t be shown on television. Everything is all out and uncensored, giving the public information they deserve. They should have stayed in YouTube. Let’s just see how it turns out.

Mata Najwa Sets to be Back on Television by Airing on Trans 7
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