Apple may end the production of its 10-year anniversary iPhone X this summer due to its mediocre sales. After the iPhone 5C in 2014, this could be the second time Apple repeals a model of their phones. Tech experts believe the deficit is caused by the dilatory indent on the top of the front display which according to Chinese customers takes too much space, even though it contains the 3D scanning sensor for the Face ID to unlock the phone.

To make up for the production halt, Apple will replace it with a three new smartphones. Set to launch this September, it will include a cheaper 5.8″ OLED-screen gadget to replace the current iPhone X, 6.5″ OLED-screen iPhone X Plus and a 6.1″ iPhone SE variant that caters the middle-market demand. The production for the trio will start also this summer, so start to save up now.

Mediocre Sales Leads to a Production Halt of iPhone X
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