Nintendo is back with its another quirky yet innovative product. The Japanese video game publisher that has stood for hundreds of years has just announced Nintendo Labo on January 17th, an added peripheral for Nintendo Switch which will turn the console into a mini arcade. The accessory features a cardboard cut-out that the user has to build in combination with the Nintendo Switch display and Joy-Con controllers to create accessories that can be used to control a variety of games. The accessories ranging from a simple camera or fishing rod to a more complex robot suit and steering wheel, offering an immerse interactive gaming experience.

Defined by three key characteristics: make, play, and discover, the new kit was designed as a way to teach principles of engineering and physics for Nintendo’s younger market. Nintendo Labo will be launched globally on April 20th starting from USD $69.99. See the first-look video below and find out more about the updates here.

Nintendo Labo: a New Peripheral for Nintendo Switch Made out of Cardboard
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