Once trained under the mentorship of father-son duo Han Awal and Yori Antar, Rafael Arsono and Margareta Miranti studied and worked in Milan before moving to Singapore and returning to Jakarta. Back to J town, they established their own studio Rafael Miranti Architects in 2014.

As an emerging architecture studio, Rafael Miranti Architects emphasizes on modern composition complemented with material study and exploration of local workmanship that is suitable for each different ideas.

They constantly seek various extensive approaches that allow the designs and users to interact with Jakarta’s tropical climate and dynamic urban conditions. So far, the studio has designed the exterior of Honu, Student Centre for University of Indonesia, Magna Hotel Fatmawati, The Slow Restaurant and the Conwood House Competition winner ‘Rumah Kepryak’. All things considered, the studio believes in the clarity of ideas executed with rigorous planning and design to construct good architecture.

Rafael Miranti Architects Emphasizes Modern Composition for Their Design
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