The year 2018 begins with an unfortunate news. Rolling Stone Indonesia printed magazine and online media closed down after the publisher PT a&e Media decided to relinquish the license. The announcement was issued on Monday, January 1st.

“Today, PT a&e Media as the publisher of Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine and Rolling announces as of January 1st 2018 that we no longer hold the license for the Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine and the Rolling Stone Indonesia website to operate in the jurisdiction of the Indonesian state.”

Rolling Stone Indonesia was established in 2005 as a media that reviews pop-culture and lifestyle, particularly music. Twelve years operating, they became a leading publication reference to the Indonesia’s music scene, especially for independent musicians and bands.

The absence of Rolling Stone Indonesia adds a long list of printed medias that were ceased to exist. The list includes HAI!, Maxim, Jakarta Globe, and the recently shut down adult magazine FHM. Most of them were forced to closed down as the consequences of the significant amount of decreasing readership. Even without apparent and official reasons from them, technological advancement, particularly the rise of digital medias mostly take the blame for all of the closures. Will the era of printed media be ending soon?

Rolling Stone Indonesia Shuts Down Operation Entirely
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