Specialized in erratic and contemporary ready-to-wear attire, Jakarta-based imprint Tangan recently did something ineffable. With the help of the internet sensation Agan Harahap, the brand released three lookbook photos, portraying models with the brand’s articles edited in such ways that put them in a captive situation by the law enforcement even in the prison area. The editing seems pretty clean, as expected from Agan Harahap’s work. The articles showcased were taken from Tangan’s latest collection, including the Guard Coat, Deconstructed Coat Top and Versatile Denim Jacket.

It doesn’t stop there. They turned all three artworks to a piece of clothing. Comes in a form of white popover shirt with unfinished detail, the ‘Tercyduk‘ photos are attached to the right abdomen area. If you are interested in the quirky product, secure yours now as it is only limited to 18 pieces. Find out more about the brand and the collection on their website.

Tangan Starts the Year with a Collaboration with Agan Harahap
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