Throughout the years, denim has proved to be the versatile garment it was made for. It withstood every rough treatment and possible climate, yet it still transcends to be the most personal and intimate piece of clothing anyone has ever got their hands on. Every fold and shade has its own story made by the wearer’s daily journey. When this intimate attachment gets recognized, comfortability and durability needs to be prioritized to progressively find that one’s intimate piece.

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UNIQLO, the Japanese multinational retailer strive with their #UniqloLifewear philosophy to constantly innovate the best blend of fit and fabric with sophistication yet still manages to be affordable for all. To ensure innovative perfection, they exclusively established a Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles, California, on fall 2016. The development presented in #UniqloJeans is learned and analyzed to the dot by specialists with years of experience from around the world. This would allow UNIQLO to manage and oversee the entire process of production, hence allowing perfectly detailed-oriented outcome which can be seen on their Denim Spring/Summer 2018 collection, emphasizing their most-advanced denim lineup to date.

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Available for men and women, the collection comprise of EZY Jeans, where the brand lines a sweatpant-like-fabric on the interior of the denim to boast one-of-a-kind comfortability of the wearer as well as the body-hugging Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans , made with the malleable elastic material.

The remaining jeans products are also carefully crafted based on three aspects: fabric, fit, and finish. For the ladies, you can channel the thick 90s vibe with the wide-legged Jeans High Rise Wide. Meanwhile, those of you who want to create a longer leg silhouette, the straight and high rise Jeans High Rise Cigarette can be your choice.

UNIQLO doesn’t neglect the rooted denim tradition from its country of origin. For the guys, there are also the exquisite Jeans Regular Fit and Slim Fit Jeans, which utilize a selvedge denim from one of the oldest Japanese manufacturer Kaihara. Kaihara itself is known to be the first company in Japan to produce denim by employing the rope-dyeing technique with their exclusively developed machinery.

Kaihara has dyed over 1 million kilometers of yarn since 1970—enough to circle Earth 25 times.

What UNIQLO has done is not a simple feat. We dare to say that they are the only one multinational retailer in the fast fashion industry to ever put this kind of effort for their line of products. They are investing for the long haul, because they know jeans will always evolve, the trends never stop shifting and your life never stops changing. With their exceptional and comfortable jeans that even transcend the brand’s limit, they secure their place on par with most premium jeans brands. Swing by to #UniqloIndonesia outlet near you or see the collection here.

UNIQLO Jeans: A Memento of Revolution
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