Agora Series are fostered by the same principles of Voyej and Antea Tigra on how both brands appreciate the indispensable crafting process. They attempt to exemplify the process as a whole lifelong journey to bring a comprehensive product experience that can flourish together with the user. Agora itself directly translates as a place for artistic and spiritual means to converge in the olden days.

Comprising of a long wallet and shoulder medicine bag, the series is crafted to boast a timeless design and utilizes only the best possible material so the product will age felicitously.

All articles are made with Japanese Tochigi saddle leather and constructed with natural artificial sinew thread, handcrafted 950 grade silver, White Heart beads, and deer skin string. They deliberately form a flow of equivalency between the leather and the hardware, with the ‘sun concho’ as the center piece. The exclusive collection was released at Wall of Fades 2017 and currently available on Voyej’s webstore since then, so pay a visit.

Voyej Collaborated with Antea Tigra in Releasing the Agora Series
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