The Australian brand Billabong enthusiastically welcomes skater and musician Absar Lebeh to the team. Absar’s schoolmate first introduced him to the sport which grew on him despite strong rejections from his father. Now Absar is actively seen pounding the asphalt in Bandung and skate bowls in Bali, garnering recognition as one of Indonesia’s best skateboarders.

Absar turned pro last November with the help of Thailand’s Preduce Skateboards fifth full-length skate video Selamat. He was featured on the last section of the video after working hard for two years. The video received worldwide acclaim within the skate community and was subsequently hosted on Thrasher Magazine’s website. Aside from his career in skateboarding, Absar Lebeh is also known as the member of the two influential Indonesian band, The S.I.G.I.T. and Mooner. Welcome to the club, Absar!

Welcoming Absar Lebeh to the Billabong Team
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