The World Wrestling Entertainment celebrates its 25th-anniversary with a special show called RAW 25. The 1287th episode of Monday Night Raw that aired January 22nd hits all the nostalgic notes by rekindling several superstars from the golden attitude era to coalesce with the current roster. Not only that, the program took place at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn and the Manhattan Center, which housed most episodes of Raw in its early years simultaneously.

The list of special appearances including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that commenced the festivity with a bang, delivering his signature move to both Vince and Shane McMahon. The Undertaker made an entrance in the same way with his debut in 1990, later emphasizing his retirement. The legendary stable D-Generation-X along with Scott Hall passed the torch to Balor Club. There were also cameos from Trish Stratus, Christian, Boogeyman, the APA and many more. The event was finally closed with a build-up for the upcoming pay-per-view, where Braun Strowman slaughtered Kane and slammed Brock Lesnar through the announcer table. All things considered, albeit some minor errors and abrupt segments, RAW 25 was really fun to watch. Be ready to see one of the most awaited events Royal Rumble 2018 this Sunday on WWE Network.

WWE Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw with Heaps of Cameos from Yesteryears
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