Originally born in 2013, Avolo Flyfriend is a menswear fashion brand based in Jakarta that was re-established in 2016 after going through a more proper direction. The name itself comes from the word ‘volo’ which means flight in Italian, which implies the theme of aviation as the brand’s main concept. Avolo focusses to be a storyteller, recounting a brief history of aeronautics through all the details embellished within the ensemble of fashionable yet functional clothing.

Avolo’s latest collection comprised of an everyday wardrobe including tees, jacket and trouser with a unique and captivating backstory. The notable D.B. Cooper Tactical Pants takes inspiration from the alias of the unknown hijacker of Boeing 727 in Washington on November 24th, 1971 while the navy Woyla Bomber Jacket was inspirited by the Woyla Incident, where a Garuda Indonesia Flight 206 was hijacked by the member of Islamic extremist group called Jihad Command.

In the near future, Avolo is set to collaborate with several artists to help them further conveying the narrative, either by way of a storybook, illustration or even a photo album. Find out more about them here and be sure to give their feed a visit.

Know More About Aviation Through the Collection by Avolo Flyfriend
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