Representing two sides of a day, Day and Night is one of Indonesia’s women fashion imprint which established by two sisters Yelly and Konny Lumentu. They provide a ready to wear clothing with a modern touch and unique twist by assimilating the existing trend and interpret it according to their distinctive style. By implementing high-quality fabric and fascinating design, the brand ensures that all their articles are suitable to be worn from day to night.

Day and Night recently drop their latest collection named ‘Joy and Sarang‘, further epitomizing the image of an everyday effortless dressing. The new look taps into practical yet personal monochromatic garments with a touch of plaids and stripes. The collection ranges from culotte to warm knit sweaters and a frilled top, with a ribbon-adorned cape as a standout piece. See the catalog on their Instagram as it has not available on their site yet.

Take a Look at Day and Night's New Collection: Joy and Sarang
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