Throughout six years of their passage, the Japanese-inspired Indonesian fashion label Wakai consistently revolutionize their ensemble of footwear. Following their first-ever laced sneakers Uwabaki at the end of 2017, they proudly announced their latest lineup named GYOU, a more distinguished rendition of their signature slip-on silhouette. With the idea of future classic, the innovation that was yielded from 2,5 years of determination and meticulous development implements a new pattern as well as advanced materials to provide the utmost comfort for the wearers.

In addition to the flexible and easy-to-clean pylon fabric for the insole, a lightweight nylon knitting was used for the upper, giving GYOU a modern sock-like fit and look. It also implemented a reinforced construction to keep the shape of the shoe intact, a combination of EVA and high-density rubber for its outsole as well as a pressed rubber component to cover the forefoot as an added lastingness. So far, merely three basic tones have been confirmed including navy, black and grey completed with white soles. Given the rise of streetwear trend and also the sneakers hype, we truly expect a more striking colorway to be exuded in the near future to further flaunts Wakai’s bright peculiarity, as it was quite deterring to see this kind of improvement only adorned with tedious hues.

Intended for every young and persevering innovator, GYOU is scheduled to launch on February 22nd with a reasonable price of IDR 649.000. Even though Wakai has been available in our neighbouring countries, the new model will exclusively be released in selected outlets in Indonesia, limited to only 7000 pairs. Take a look at their feed to keep updated.

Wakai Further Revolutionize Their Slip-on Model with GYOU
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