Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week has returned to spoil all of the fashion enthusiasts around the archipelago. As the 11th edition of their annual celebration, PIFW 2018 highlights 23 local and international labels to adorn the runway with their collection, presented with their distinctive approach throughout five days of the event starting from March 19th until 23rd at the Warehouse, Plaza Indonesia. The grand theme for this year’s festivity is ‘Kain’, delivered with collaborations of batik houses with renowned designers to yield contemporary fashion trends.

The opening day was initiated by BIN House, a label that was conceived by the well-known designer Josephine Komara. For their debut fashion show in PIFW, they showcased their latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection entitled ‘Now‘, inspired by the traditional cultural clothing that was combined with edgy fashion. Lavish dresses were flaunted, which are exceptionally embellished with vibrant hues and meticulous accents such as ruffles and sequins. The show was followed by SEBASTIANred and IWAN TIRTA Private Collection, concluding the night.

Stay tuned for more excitement Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 has yet to offer.

BIN House Initiated the Festivity of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2018
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