The Jakarta-Bandung post-rock unit Brilliant Company has released its first EP titled ‘Point of Few‘ under the wings of Mundane Records. All the instrumental songs are entirely executed by Rizki Asasi, from the initial process of making the story of each song until the final stage of mixing and mastering. The album is now already available in digital streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal.

‘Point of Few’ consists of four songs that deliver a bleak yet comforting atmosphere. The first track starts with ‘Aucune’, followed by two songs of the same title but with two different narrations, ’55 Million Part I ‘and ’55 Million Part II’, in which the second part became the main single from this EP. ‘Weak Light’ serves as a grand conclusion for this album.

Stream the album down below.

Brilliant Company has Released its Debut EP Titled Point of Few
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