After a big update that happened recently, Valve revealed a new system for all Dota 2 players. Emphasized as an “evolution of the Battle Pass”, Dota Plus is a new monthly subscription service that will gradually offer new content and features. Some of the notable features including Hero Leveling which will let you accumulate XP for each game you play with a hero, Hero-Specific Challenges, Hero Chat Wheel and more.

The new system also implements an AI helper called the Plus Assistant, which uses data collected from your games and gives you suggestions as to what you should do or what items you should buy at any given moment. Moreover, you also gain access to analysis tools once matches are completed. As we are also a Dota 2 player, we are quite concerned about this new feature. Not only that paying customers will have a palpable advantage but the new challenges will muddle games as players will have their own objectives aside from what the team needs to do to win. Give us your thoughts below.

Dota 2 Switch the Battle Pass with a New System Called Dota 2 Plus
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