Since its establishment in 1990, Plaza Indonesia has always been the epicenter of luxury fashion in Jakarta. In order to celebrate their 28th anniversary, a grand excitement was set. ‘Jakarta Street Beat: The Real Beats of Jakarta‘ is an all-inclusive exhibition that represents a diverse portrayal of Jakarta’s daily life, such as entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, fashion enthusiasts and creative industry activists. It highlights our favorite neighbours and friendly faces, including the rap collective Onar, the streetwear outlet Maris and any other engaging communities. The event was initiated yesterday on March 1st by Zamri Mamat, the Marketing General Manager of PT Plaza Indonesia Realty and the Senior Manager of Event & Promotions Ria Juwita.


Astri Abyanti Permatasuri as the General Manager Marketing & Leasing Level 4, 5, 6 of PT Plaza Indonesia Realty briefly explained the theme of the excitement, which was conceived from a thorough observation on the number of emerging people who succeeded in creating a fresh new style of living and subcultures. With the idea in mind, Plaza Indonesia as a lifestyle hub wants to further support their inspirational contributions and achievements which discursively shift Jakarta towards a more vibrant and exciting place to live, albeit the restless routine.


Executed splendidly with the help of Anindita Saryuf as the creative director, the exhibition is presented in the form of vibrant art installations yielded by the talented Rebellionik. It showcases the cameraworks of the fashion photographer Ifan Hartanto and also a fashion film directed by young director Adi Putra. Not only that, this event also features curated tenants including pop-up tattoo parlors as well as sneakers and bags customization services by the mural artist Hard13.

By converging various figures from every distinctive lifestyle, Plaza Indonesia yearns to provide new perspectives, ideas and inspirations to every visitors. All in all, we are really happy with what Plaza Indonesia is doing, by surfacing cryptic subculture and communities to a more prominent acclaim. ‘Jakarta Street Beat: The Real Beats of Jakarta’ is held throughout March 2018 with an assortment of festivity, not to mention the most-awaited annual Plaza Indonesia fashion week, so be sure to drop by.

Jakarta Street Beat: The Real Beats of Jakarta, an Event to Celebrate Plaza Indonesia's 28th Anniversary
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