Since established in 2013, Stockroom: Trade & Dishes was not only intended for a place to shop, but rather a platform that promotes the quality awareness of Indonesian local goods. They always strive to keep educate and nurture their specific market by letting them feel and experience the products with all their five senses as well as reaching to the wider circle.

This year, as they have reached four years of their legacy, the menswear concept store decided to do a slightly distinctive approach. With a campaign called ‘The Coaction‘, they will do a collaboration with some of the brands they carry since day one, including Oldblue Co., Aye & Co., Jackhammer Co. and Life Behind Bars to name a few. In addition, they are set to introduce one label that will be joining their ever-expanding roster. The excitement will drop early April 2018, so be sure to keep yourself updated by following their feed.

Stockroom will Celebrate Their 4th Anniversary with 'The Coaction'
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