Havehad Footwear, the first premium Indonesian sneakers brand once perished from the market around 2017 due to unknown reason. Bearing in mind that they have been established since 2011 and how good their products are, we can’t help but lament the occurrence. Good thing that the disappearance doesn’t last long, as the brand finally re-emerged in Pop Up Market 2018, better than ever.

Now introducing themselves as Havehad Co. with a new logo as well as a fresh blue color palette, they seem to start fresh, but with more developed products and technology implementations. They issued three new footwear, including the mid-top Duke, the versatile Clay as well as Wilt, their take on the slip-on sneakers. All three comes in various colorways, giving you more options to embrace. Find out more about their rebirth by following their feed to keep updated.

Welcome Back, Havehad Co.
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