On Friday, March 16th marks the launching of ‘Photography is Not a Crime‘, a collaboration act between Jakarta’s streetwear label Untold and street photographer Azcha Tobing. Taking place at Central Department Store in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, the event also features Azcha’s first ever photo exhibition titled ‘Through the Lens‘.


The excitement was opened by Giorgi Krisno and Tamish Aswani from Ageless Galaxy as the hosts for the press conference. Yung from Untold along with Azcha briefly explained the silver lining of the joint effort: respect. They both hustled throughout their life in their respective field and had overcome their hardships in life and thus, a mutual admiration was born from it. They both also aspire to be an inspiration for other photographers and creative people to keep striving for their best and to always encourage each other.


‘Photography is Not a Crime’ comes in a form of clothing with Azcha’s camerawork adorned to the gamut of clothing, which consists of short and long sleeve tee as well as hoodies. Yung curated the photos himself, with the theme of street photography as the main outline. It was hinted that this will be not the last kind of collaboration for Untold, as Yung is always fascinated by the street culture and will do whatever he can to support the scene.

On another note, we’ve conducted an interview with both Yung and Azcha that we will publish real soon. In the meantime, hop over to Untold’s feed to see what went down and drop by to their offline store in Grand Indonesia to see the complete collection.

What Went Down in 'Photography is Not a Crime' Launching Party
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