Based on the close relationship with one of their beloved suppliers, Mang Adul, NIKICIO has started a nonprofit campaign titled Project: Mang Adul. Since 2010, NIKICIO trusts Mang Adul with the production of their Black Label line and their relationship have been growing professionally and personally until now. Their partnership boasts Mang Adul’s credibility as a garment supplier, which resulted in other brands reaching out to him. Asking Mang Adul to support their productions by being a supplier.

Despite the fortunate outcomes, Mang Adul still face several limitations regarding production facilities, equipments, and machineries. As a way to not only give back to him but to the whole community of local tailors and garment workers, NIKICIO will begin the initial project on Labour Day, May 1st by selling 28 exclusive items and 30 new arrivals on their website.

All of the sales revenue will be given to Mang Adul in a form of necessary equipments to further expand his business, hoping that it will initiate a chain reaction to other suppliers, brands, and most significantly the local fashion industry as a whole. Check out the complete description of the campaign on NIKICIO’s website and make sure to support Mang Adul and the rest of the local industry.

NIKICIO Demonstrates the Power of Local Empowerment Through ‘Project: Mang Adul’
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