Once again returned for the eyes and particularly senses of the art enthusiasts, Art Week 2018 adopted the ‘Asa Rasa’ theme to conceptuate the exhibition. Divided into five main sections of emotions-Gempita (Merry), Amarah (Anger), Hampa (Void), Lara (Desolation), and Renjana (Yearning), it was set to be an emotional roller coaster for the visitors, in order to experience multiple sensibilities of each zone.

More than 53 artworks were exhibited at The Breeze Art Space during the four days period. We also even participated with our visual and obviously emotional interpretation of the word ‘Lara’. They even stepped up the game and came out with an innovation to provide an E-Booklet access to guide the visitors through the artworks and installations.

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First opened at May 10th, Art Week 2018 represents a gloomier, more personal, and intimate ambiances-compared to the previous year of ‘Manakartala’ theme. The different sections showed the gradual emotional changes, which were being represented by the arts. The exclusive press and VIP day also featured several special performances.

The opening live performance was brought by Kezia Alaia and Kraie with their poetry reading, then continued by G.O of Gigi Art of Dance with the contemporary dance performance. Musical guests Nona Ria and DJ Han were also taking part and graced the stage with their performances.

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Besides the fact that it was an art exhibition, Art Week 2018 also incorporated the fashion aspect by collaborating with local brand Soze as the official merchandise partner. Titled the Senses and Emotion collection, they embodied the Asa Rasa emotions and came up with five distinctive designs to represent them.

They also had a dedicated space at the exhibition space where they constructed an interactive installation, challenging the visitors of their perception on ‘fesyen’. Once more, an appreciable gesture to conserve and celebrate art by young generations, considering it was brought out by a group of college students who are not majoring in arts. Expectations are rising and we’ll see on Art Week 2019.

A Plot of Humanly Senses at Art Week ‘Asa Rasa’ 2018
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