Considered to be one of the mandatory promotional strategies of local brands, June is usually the month of discount, especially with the upcoming Eid Mubarak on June 15th and/or June 16th. Numerous brands try to clear out their old stocks while attracting customers to spend their bonus [locally known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR)] on their products, as it is culturally amplified by the ‘new clothes for Eid’ principle. Therefore, we pick five local brands who are currently throwing Mid-year/Eid Mubarak sales that worth the saving.

1. Steeze Ltd.
The Solo based streetwear brand is currently holding a mid-year sale until June 20th. Sale categories are divided into three nominals; 20%, 30%, and 50% where most of the graphic tee and shirt are discounted for 20%-30%, while the five panels collection are the ones with the largest amount of discount. Unluckily, there isn’t any promotion for the 2015 Reissue Authentic Logo t-shirts and hoodie, which are considered to be their signature products. Promotions are eligible for online and in-store purchase.

2. Vearst Jeans
Valid from May 25th until June 30th, Vearst Jeans is giving out discount up to 50% off. The range of sale products are quite vast with price cuts on products such as t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, accessories, and even their previous season denim pants and jackets. Some have already been sold out, but there are still some products that are worth to buy. The promotion is valid for online and in-store purchase.

3. Pot Meets Pop Denim
This one wouldn’t even miss it for one year. The mid-year sale is their routine agenda as PMP Denim offers up to 50% of discount for their renowned denim collection. As they welcome the Spring/Summer 2018 collection, many items from the Spring/Summer 2017 as well as Fall/Winter 2017 are discounted. Some of them include the Kush Coach Jacket from F/W 17 and Live Free Get High Pocket Jacket from S/S 17. Promotions are valid for online and in-store purchase.

4. Jackhammer Co.
It isn’t exactly a mid-year sale as Jackhammer Co. calls it the Ramadhan Warehouse Sale. Nevertheless, the promotion has started since May 30th until the latest of June 17th. Their nominal is the highest on this list with 70% of discount offering. This is applied to an extensive range of previous collection products, starting from t-shirts, long sleeves, pullover, and their signature Noragi in different variants. Note that the promotion is valid solely for online purchase.

5. Gold Inc.
If you are looking for bling to flaunt, you can get it at Gold Inc. where there is currently an online promotion. Unfortunately, comparing to the four other brands, their promotion period is the most brief. Started on June 4th until June 12th, all listed items are discounted for 30% and it is valid for Tokopedia purchase only. But then, you can definitely look gold for the Eid. Several items under the promotion are rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Five Local Brands Mid-year/Eid Mubarak Sale That Worth the Money
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