Post Eid, Tenue De Attire has released two long-awaited products under the ‘Painter Man Stripes Series’. These are a striped bowling shirt and relaxed pants, both look simple and smart at the same time. Choose between the black/white or the navy/white colours on both the shirt and pants. On an early Instagram Story post, they said that the series was brought to life due to high demand from Tenue’s customers.

The bowling shirt will cost you IDR 319.000 and the pants are IDR 439.000 for both colours. However, Tenue has also prepared bundling packages for customers. The bowling shirt and pants combo is IDR 699.000, while two pants combo are IDR 799.000. You can directly contact them by visiting their Instagram-which has been linked above to find the details.

Tenue De Attire Makes Stripes Work with the 'Painter Man Stripes Series'
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