Event organizer MASSAPPEAL will held their first event in collaboration with local brand DIRRTY. DIRRTYCALL will take place at The Swillhouse, SCBD on Saturday, July 14th. Fusing Hip hop/House music, art, and fashion, the event will not only showcase DJs from multiple collectives, but also feature DIRRTY’s parodical visual installation.

Scheduled to perform are DJs from Pon Your Tone, Culdesac, Stucasa, and Preach Jakarta with names such as Jnaro, Alyrz, Abelard, Radya, Krishna, and Saesar. DIRRTYCALL will start at 10 PM and set to finish at 2 AM. So, get yourselves rready to parrty. Swing by to MASSAPPEAL’s Instagram page to find the booking inquiry for the event.

MASSAPPEAL Gets Rready to Parrty in DIRRTYCALL
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