English-speaking Indonesian rapper A. Nayaka has released the music video for his single ‘With You, With Me’. The song is a part of his 13-songs album ‘Cadence Blue’. Directed by ape’ethic and produced by Ajung Scamy, the music video took place in Tokyo with a personal point of view of Nayaka’s journey, while spitting lyrics of the ride or die tune.

The song itself was produced by Nnamdi with message “to allow others (listeners) to find their cadence”, according to Nayaka on a Whiteboard Journal interview. It celebrates the uniqueness and perseverance to be the best at what you good at. The song along with the album has already available on multiple streaming platforms and click the play button above to see the MV.

A. Nayaka Releases Music Video for Song 'With You, With Me'
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