Talking about smart marketing! After a displeasing news about the discontinuation of Amigos Kemang’s beloved promotional program, ‘Monday Madness’, they are being creative and bring back the promotion with a new name, ‘Happy Mondays’. The guidelines are relatively similar with a little modification and stricter rules. The half-priced drinks promotion only valid until 10 PM and followed by 50% discount on selected food menu at 10 PM – 12 AM.

Visitors will also required to show their ID as the 18+ alcohol drinking policy is being imposed. Amigos Kemang managements also ask the visitors to drink responsibly and keep the noise level down to respect neighbours around the residential area. Nonetheless, we are pretty pleased and let’s sip that half-priced Margarita.

Amigos Kemang Revives Their Monday Promotion with 'Happy Mondays'
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