Bekraf hasn’t showed any sign of slowing down as they are keep bringing and supporting local Indonesian brands to international events. Being the third intercontinental event since Agenda Show, Bekraf will take eight Indonesian brands to be showcased at New York Now 2018 on August 12th – 15th. These eight brands are:

1. Kayou
2. Jenggala
3. Indo Risakti
4. Sackai Bags
5. Pala Nusantara
6. Siji
7. Kana Goods
8. Noesa.

A much appreciated gesture from Bekraf–as a facilitator and government representative to help uplifting the #LocalPride spirit and manifestation to the next level. Looking forward for more international events and possibility to organize our own event with the matching scale and exposure for Indonesian brands.

Bekraf to Disclose More Indonesian Brand Internationally in New York Now 2018
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