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First launched in February 22nd, Wakai revolutionized the public’s impressions towards them with Get Your Own Unit (GYOU) to some extent. The Japanese-influenced brand is extremely well-known for its slip-on loafers. However, they break out their comfort zone and enter the competitively harsh Indonesia’s sneaker market, which are dominated by international big players.

Previously, we have covered the first batch release of GYOU and the second batch has been released in Indonesia on June 29th. Following the release and out of curiosity, we decided to try them on and this is our verdict.

The second release comprises four new colourways; Olive, Oreo, Dusty Grey, and the limited Mustard. Aesthetically speaking, GYOU looks good in specific shades such as Dusty Grey and Olive. We reckon several exterior construction resemblances to some existing international branded sneakers. Nonetheless, the character and recognizability are still there-especially the Mustard, which is easily distinguishable with that striking hue.

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Next, we slide our feet in and the first thing that comes into mind is the slip-on design results in wearing practicality. It is easy to slip in and out the shoes without need to deal with entangling laces-one major reason to buy slip-ons. The knitted yam nylon upper section also feels breathable as the feet isn’t feel confined or constrained. Then, the insole is in this balance state of not too squishy, nor too rigid.

However, the burning question is can GYOU compete with highly popular sneaker brands who currently rule the local sneaker market. For us, it is a equally sleek and affordable substitute to these major brands. So, we look forward to Wakai being able to catch up with these brands, in order to overtake them, at least locally. Local sneakers gradually gains recognition over the past couple of years and it is the time to inject the market with practical, cozy, and stylish sneakers.

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We emphasize ‘stylish’ because at this moment it is what matters for most sneaker users. People like to flaunt their sneakers, hence it is the key to sell not only the shoes, but also the lifestyle. Wakai has been the top of the mind when talking about casual slip-on loafers, so they need to repeat the success for GYOU as we see the potential for being the benchmark for local sneaker producers to start producing desirable sneakers. Wakai only made 7.000 pairs nationwide for this particular release, therefore secure your own unit by grabbing them at Wakai’s outlets.

GYOU by Wakai On Foot Review: A Promising Local Sneakers
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