The fashion world bombards the aestheticism of socks and sandals ensemble, but for Hi Jack Sandals and Pattent Goods, this combo is something that they have a great liking for. Sharing many common grounds in wearing sandals with socks, they decided to take Hi Jack’s initial #SocksandSandals campaign on another level by creating a collaboration product, which is a pair of socks.

The Hijacksandals Socks is a knitted anti-bacterial socks made by Hi Jack and Pattent. The light grey socks features Hi Jack logo on the heel and horizontal stripe accents throughout. The socks is priced at IDR 69.000 and you can order it at Hi Jack’s webstore. Watch the video to get more knowledge about the collaboration.

For the Love of Socks and Sandals: Hi Jack Sandals Collaborates with Pattent Goods for #SocksandSandals Campaign
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