As our supportive effort to participate in the Asian Games 2018 euphoria, the #NEIGHBOURTEAM did what we know the best, embedding local fashion. We infused the sportiness of Asian Games and the coolness and versatility of Indonesian brands by dressing up three Asian Games 2018’s mascots, Atung, Bhin Bhin, and Kaka for our special #NEIGHBOURSHOTS content. We truly appreciate all the love and acknowledgement from our readers as today the Instagram post has reached 4.127 likes.

The big day has come. @asiangames2018 has begun yesterday and as our legit shout out to celebrate the occasion, we came up with the idea of #NEIGHBOURSHOTS: Asian Games special. – Atung, Kaka, and Bhin Bhin are dressed in various local brands head to toe because even in sporting events, you need to look good. – Atung is wearing Glasses: @bridgeseyewear Top: @elhaus Bottom: @taka_craft Shoes: – Kaka is wearing Hat: @markandtims Necklace: Top: @potmeetspopdenim Bottom: @oldblueco Shoes: @word_division – Bhin Bhin is wearing Top: @kanagoods Bottom: @vervdenim Shoes: @wakaishoes Bag: @sackaibags – Best of luck to all competing athletes, committees, performers, officials, and every person who is in charge. – Let's bring as many gold medals, victories, and pride as possible for Indonesia. – – #LocalPride #IndonesianPride #AsianGames2018 #EnergyofAsia #BhinBhin #Atung #Kaka #Mascots #Jakarta #Palembang

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We feel like this is the least we can do to ensure the success of Asian Games 2018, where we also see many Indonesians representing various entities and parties participate in their own genuine manners and practices. The brands and outfit details can be checked on the Instagram post and keep on spreading the love and the #LocalPride with your likes and shares.

#NEIGHBOURSHOTS Asian Games 2018 Special: The Mascots Wear Head-to-toe Local Brand
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