Sprearheaded by one of Indonesia’s legendary artists, F.X. Harsono, Proyek Sekolah Kontemporer (SKS) is scheduled to throw Pameran Titik Temu at Gedung B Galeri Nasional on August 7th – 19th. Proyek SKS is an art course program initiated by Mr. Harsono. Since opening registration in early 2018, there are currently seven enrolled students who come from various backgrounds and professions. Interestingly, some have no any relation to art. Nonetheless, The exhibition is prepared to be the accommodation for them to show their final assignments.

In organizing the exhibition, Mr. Harsono works together with two high-profile names in Indonesia’s art scene, Leonhard Bartolomeus as curator and Kultusan Art Management Managing Director Mohamad Jagad Marcelleno as exhibition manager. The event is open for public and also free of charge. You can find out who are the seven artists who are going to exhibit their works on Proyek SKS’s Instagram page.

Proyek SKS to Organize Pameran Titik Temu at Galeri Nasional
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