A figure of a political victim who is forced to be silenced behind bars, Ahok’s powerful and engaging story-which is compiled by author Rudi Valinka attracts Director Putrama Tuta to make his biopic, ‘A Man Called Ahok’, which is adapted from the book with the same title. Actor and Presenter Daniel Mananta take the lead role as the former Governor of DKI Jakarta and remaining casts have been revealed in the teaser trailer.

The main plot is reported to be revolved around Ahok’s childhood and early-mid adulthood, personal relationships with family members and friends, and won’t be discussing any political references. The film is set to release at the end of 2018. Stay updated about the movie by following Ahok’s public Instagram, @basukibtp.

Ahok's Life Story to be Immortalized with 'A Man Called Ahok' Biopic
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