GO-PAY constantly steps up their game as they are now included as one of official digital payment methods in numerous large merchants and stores. The QR Code-based payment system has been available to use since May 2018 and their promotions are tempting. They are giving back considerable amount of discounts and cashbacks at all-time favorite merchants, including food and beverages. We compile the best five food and beverages GO-PAY promotions according to the #NEIGHBOURTEAM. Hope you, neighbours can enjoy these great meals without have to break the bank.

1. McDonald’s – 20% Cashback
Arguably, one of the most go-to fast food restaurants, you can never go wrong with McDonald’s. Get those Big Macs and addicting fries and spend minimum of IDR 50.000 on all McDonald’s menu. Then, you are eligible for 20% cashback with maximum amount of IDR 20.000. The McDonald’s promotion has one of the longest periods compared to other merchants, starting from August 1st 2018 – January 31st 2019.

2. Hokben – 20% Cashback
Another all-time favorite for most people, we surely notice how their meal prices have gone up since they rebranding began in 2015. Nonetheless, their shrimp rolls and beef teriyaki still make us crave some of the time. GO-PAY offers 20% cashback from August 6th 2018 to November 5th 2018. This time, there is no minimum transaction, however the 20% cashback still has maximum amount of IDR 20.000.

3. Chattime – 40% Cashback
A promotion for the sweet tooth, particularly bubble tea fans, you can get 40% cashback at Chattime for a transaction GO-PAY. The promotion is valid from July 20th 2018 to October 19th 2018 for all drink variants. Maximum cashback amount is standard, which is IDR 20.000. A user only eligible for one transaction per day on the outlet.

4. Carl’s Jr. – 3 burgers for IDR 55.000
In our opinion, this is totally a steal since IDR 55.000 usually only get you one signature Carl’s Jr. burger. Starting from September 6th 2018 until November 30th 2018, you will get three burgers; One-handed BBQ Burger, One-handed The Carl, and One-handed Cheeseburger by using GO-PAY. Note, this is the one-handed variant, which is slightly smaller than the regular chargrilled burger.

5. D’Crepes – Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Last but no least is D’Crepes and the promotion is available at selected outlets in ten regions across Indonesia. From August 1st 2018 to October 31st 2018, users get three slots for the promotion without minimum transaction amount. However, only limited flavours can be chosen for this promotion.

This list only contains a fraction of the total food and beverages promotions, not to mention other categories such as lifestyle, supermarket, and online payment. The complete list can be accessed at GO-PAY’s website, we wish you a happy hunting.

Five Food and Beverages GO-PAY Promotions to Indulge Your Cravings
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