Reviving the groove of the good old days, MASSAPPEAL goes forward with DIRRTY and bringing back DIRRTYCALL Vol. 2. Expect to experience similar festivity to the previous event, as six DJs will be performing on September 13th 2018 at Jenja Jakarta. The lineups are Krishna, Abelard, Saesar, PDouble, Maliboo, and Mc Bake. DIRRTY will also conduct a mini fashion show, just like Vol. 1. We notice those Nicki – Cardi t-shirts, hope that will be showcased.

The event is free entry and will start at 10 PM sharp, and this show is for you ladies since female guests are eligible for free flow of drinks. Secure your spot by booking as soon as possible. Booking inquiries are posted on MASSAPPEAL’s Instagram, which has been linked above.

MASSAPPEAL Keeps the Party Spirit Going with DIRRTY through DIRRTYCALL Vol. 2
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