Three legendary multi-genre musicians sat down with Sounds From The Corner for the third episode of their program, ‘Taste Test’. Representing Dangdut is the king himself, Rhoma Irama, then from the electronic music there is Anton Wirjono, and Addie MS represents his expertise of orchestral and classical genres. They were presented with six multi-genre and multi-artist tunes such as Kunto Aji’s ‘Jakarta Jakarta’, HIVI!’s ‘Merakit Perahu’, and Melancholic Bitch’s ‘Distopia’, to name a few.

With their distinctive styles, gestures, personalities, and humours, they gave their respective comments toward the songs and musicians. Quoting some of the comments right here won’t do the justice, hence you really should watch the entertaining video by clicking the play button on the embedded video above.

Rhoma Irama, Anton Wirjono, and Addie MS Joined Sounds From The Corner on Their Program 'Taste Test'
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