Releasing a new single, Vira Talisa explores her French capability by releasing her first English/French song, ‘Down in Vieux Cannes’. Putting aside the meaning, the minor keys and sprightly melodies make the song seems like a cheery and French chic tune.

Actually, the single is a reminiscence of Vira’s inner turmoil during a trip to Cannes when she was about to leave France after 4 years of college. There, she met a street musician who apparently could sense her anxiety and gave her an encouragement through a lyric “Ma fille ne crains pas la peine qui s’installe en toi”, which is the first lyric of the refrain. The song is composed and produced by herself and Raditya Bramantyo and available to stream on multiple digital streaming platforms starting October 4th.

Vira Talisa Releases English/French Single, 'Down in Vieux Cannes'
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