A massive number of local brands have surfaced on the industry throughout the year. Stores are built as their platforms and online shopping has become an essential for almost every single individual. Bazaars are no longer needed. Brands have marked their own places to sell, so why pay for a booth and actually spend an effort to sell goods within the scheduled dates?

That was what we thought before we headed up to Pop Up Market 2017. This thematic, annual event has changed the perspective about local brand bazaar happening here in Jakarta as this year, they came back with a refreshing set of events, all wrapped in a theme called “Negen Straatjes” (The Nine Street, Amsterdam).

From year to year, Pop Up Market – organized by a group of students from Prasetiya Mulya University – are always keen to offer something new and peculiar. Successful in bringing Santa Fe, New Mexico to the heart of Jakarta last March 2016, they wanted to make a breakthrough and remarkable improvement by setting Negen Straatjes as this year’s theme. Spotted were the pointy decorations; the bricks, the windmill, the tulips, up to the famous “Bulldog” painted wall (which happened to exist for real at Amsterdam). Also the street performances they implemented at the narrow hall of MVG Parking Lot, Lotte Shopping Avenue; the outstanding saxophone performance, live acoustic music and cornered vintage shops.

As we were scrolling around, enjoying the vivid ambiance where you could actually feel like you were visiting Negen Straatjes for a holiday, we were greeted by some familiar and some new faces in town. Pop Up Market 2017 brought a total number of 105 tenants coming from various categories, including fashion, food and beverages, creative, accessories, and beauty. They introduced some start-up businesses and returned with some well-established ones; one of them being Unionwell that was brought to you as Pop Up Market 2017’s patron tenant.

Not only giving an extraordinary shopping experience for their visitors, Pop Up Market was also aiming to be an actual platform for their participating tenants. This led to one of their set of events namely “Tenant of the Year”. These appreciations were given to Forbidden Cakwe (Food and Beverages), Oldblue & Co. (Fashion and Beauty), Revolt Industry (Creative) and Taichan Goreng (Visitors’ Favorite) in order to congratulate them for being successful in providing a shopping experience like never before.

Pop Up Market 2017 was wrapped in four days from 9 – 12 March 2017 with a total of 71.711 visitors. Twenty thousand more than the previous year (Santa Fe, New Mexico, 52.000 visitors). Their improvement marked one of the best Pop Up Market after 6 years, and of course, the rise of the long-lost local brand bazaar hype. If you missed the tour to Negen Straatjes, be prepared because Pop Up Market is going to take you to a new creative district on the upcoming 2018. We’ll see you there, then.

Pop Up Market 2017: Enlivening the Decreasing Hype of Local Brand Bazaar
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