Thanks to the luxury designer label, Balenciaga with their absurdly overpriced IKEA-Frakta-like tote bag, the global fashion industry has gone crazy with the IKEA hype effect and shows their reactions to it. Numerous notable fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas Yeezy, and Pleasures X Chinatown Market Caps have created their own manifestations of the IKEA hype on their products.

Previously, it seemed like the IKEA hype was nowhere to be found in Indonesia, however four days ago, Thanksinsomnia released their answer to the absent of IKEA-inspired products in Indonesia’s fashion industry, Angel Frakta Hoodie. Retails at IDR 250k, through a post on one of their Instagram posts, they explain that they just simply use the straps of IKEA Frakta bags that are stitched to hoodies which are available in black and white. The responses are quite unexpected.


After its first release, it has gained a considerable amount of exposure from netizens and surprisingly it has generated quite a hype as it is featured on one of Hypebeast articles which is a listicle of several IKEA-inspired products by various fashion brands. Moreover, the Angel Frakta Hoodie managed to reach the highest vote to the poll that is being conducted on the article. One major accomplishment for them as they proudly announce the news on their Instagram page.


Nevertheless, behind all the positive responses, some netizens are also heavily criticizing on how the product is just basically a rip-off that allegedly has violated IKEA Indonesia’s or even IKEA Global’s copyrights. We had tried to reach out to IKEA Indonesia yesterday to ask their responses about this concern, though they still didn’t have much to say as they are still going to discuss this matter internally.

We will keep you guys updated especially with IKEA Indonesia’s responses and clarifications as from the email we received from them, they take this matter earnestly and will give their statements to us as soon as possible.

Thanksinsomnia’s Angel Frakta Hoodie, Has the IKEA Hype Finally Reached Indonesia or Is It Just a Rip-Off?
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