DC Shoes identifies him as the Godfather of Indonesia’s street art and we couldn’t agree more. Starting his career as early as in 2002, Indonesian street artist, Darbotz has come a long way until he was finally able to be the first Indonesian street artist who collaborated with in concepting and creating a whole collection of an international fashion and apparel brand, DC Shoes.

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We went to the launch party on June 13th, as a brand notably known for its appreciation towards street culture, they teamed up with Darbotz and created DC Shoes X Darbotz collection where it is all about Darbotz and his signature graffiti sketch of the ‘Cumi Kong’. As the main conceptor, he chose the ‘Keep Em Dirty’ which is all about the ‘dirty and raw’ parts of a dynamic metropolitan.

However, the best part is not only Darbotz being the first Indonesian street artist who collaborated with DC, but this particular collection is also going to be marketed in Indonesia as well as around the globe. The US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia markets, and basically every international market where DC Shoes Global operates, the collection will be sold.

Our full appreciation and pride are for Darbotz as this collaboration is the true embodiment of #LocalPride. Darbotz proves that Indonesian artists have the quality and ability to be chosen by international brands to collaborate with for a collection. When we met Darbotz during the event, he hoped that his work can be the ‘eye-opener’ for many international brands to start recognizing Indonesian artists to enhance the diversity of their brands.

He also recommended two of his favorite Indonesian artists, Tutugraff and Uji ‘Hahan’ Handoko as potential artists with superior artworks who can properly work with many international fashion brands for collaborations.

The DC Shoes X Darbotz collection is available right now at their stores. Show your support by picking your favorites between the DC Heathrow and Trase shoes, pocket t-shirt, logo t-shirt, boardshort, and Darbotz’s personal favorite, the coach jacket. The prices are also relatively affordable, ranging from IDR 299k – 999k.

Our hopes are high for future collaborations between brands like DC Shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, or basically any other international brands and Indonesian artists from every stream of arts. Cheers!

The ‘Cumi Kong’ Goes Global for DC Shoes X Darbotz Collaboration Collection
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