Following the release of his latest track ’24/7′ last month, the talented young rapper Havie Parkasya or widely known by his moniker Laze has finally launched his debut album. Titled ‘Waktu Bicara‘, it was officially released on March 10th under the wings of Demajors Records and Frekuensi Antara. The album contains 15 songs, 14 of which was crafted himself since 2016 when he was still a college student. All the songs depict the struggle to survive in the restless capital city of Jakarta, which appealingly written in Indonesian so that he can flawlessly convey the story as well as the message embodied in the album to the listeners.

The album release was accompanied by a press conference as well as a launching party in Queenshead, where Laze recounts the making of the album as well as the involvement of David Tarigan from Demajors and one of the Indonesian hip-hop figures Saykoji. They both commended Laze on his implementation of Indonesian lyrics, saying that it’s not an easy feat and how Laze can nail it down impeccably. Laze also stressed that the purpose of this album is not as a compilation of hard-hitting beats that will be played at clubs. However, it focuses more on the narration and a really personal one at it. The night was closed by the performance by the man himself, featuring some guest musicians including fellow rap collective Onar member Ayub Jonn, Dias Betong, and Edward Andrianto to name a few.


‘Waktu Bicara’ can already be bought on Demajors’ website and the digital copies will be available real soon. Follow Laze’s feed to keep updated and be sure to check out one of his music videos below.

Laze Drops his Debut Album 'Waktu Bicara' Accompanied with a Launching Party in Queenshead
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