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A womanís purse is like a warehouse for her most important goods. Why shouldn’t men have the same convenience without the stigma of a man should always carries a shoulder-bag or backpack? Large enough to accommodate what you could never fit in your pockets, a tote bag is one of the most practical accessories, just throw your stuff in and go. And, with its classic geometric lines and simple detailing, a tote bag is far from that might come to mind when you hear the word ‘purse’. So, In this “Going Out” collection for fall and winter 2012 edition, Houstons Original introduces you “Innoko”, a manly totes that practical, stylish, and masculine which might become your newest favorite accessories to go out. Moreover, it’s not a girl name, this product is taken from a river that flows north from its origin south of cloudy mountain in the Kuskokwim and then flows southwest to its end at the Yukon River, across from Holy Cross, Alaska. The soft tone of Innoko Tote is dedicated to its breathtaking scenery of the river.

Houstons Original “Innoko” Tote Bag:
Raw cotton indigo chambray.
Raw indigo denim.
Cream canvas lining.
Woven label.
Cream cotton webbing.
Cream leather handheld.
Four narrow pencil pockets.
Three wide accessory pockets.

Houstons Original
Houstons Original
Houstons Original

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