Cereal Nation

Designed under the direction of Studio 1212, for this season, Cereal Nation’s latest collection is inspired by the
Memphis movement once popularised by a group of postmodernist designers based in Milan during the 1980s. A movement fronted by Italian architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass that values absurdities and challenges the idea of formality and function in its manifestation of design and takes reference on various art movements from ancient Egypt, Art Deco, to even Pop Art.

As the Memphis movement was dispersed through various mediums of design platforms – from architecture, interior, to music – for this collection, with the thought of experimenting with various unconventional materials, unlikely shapes, and striking patterns, Cereal Nation is introducing a range of apparel that includes T-Shirts,
Dresses, Foldable Jacket, Hats, Bags and Board Shorts.

Cereal Nation is a children’s line designed by Studio 1212. The products offered include educational apparell, shoes, posters and special edition storybooks in vibrant colours. The brand also collaborates with talented local artist who brings unique quality and variation to the line. Cereal Nation is for modern parents with children from the age of 2 to 8 and is available for purchase through whiteboardjournal.com and other like-minded establishments.

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