Just hours ago Umbara Indonesia finally able to presents and introduces their first collection with a short documentary video named “Champter 1 – Bali”. The four minutes film follows the story of a family run artisan factory and women who are skillfully weaving the brilliant yarns on hand hewn wooden looms into beautiful ikat fabric.

Once upon a fine day, the wind whispered to us of a name that could one day take us to board on a journey. It told us of Umbara. The vision came to us, the dreams moved us forward. the long awaited journey has finally begun. It is our passion to walk the road of Nusantara’s ikat cloth, from the ancient beauty of the Eastern Ikat weavings to the golden shade of the Western. The way of life of the Nusantara people, the woven threads of life that ever recorded within each of the pieces since, from time to time to the Ikat cloths that we know today.

For some, the threads simply story-tell the nature surrounds, of flowers and plants, or they may speak of the great ancestor, the magnificent animals, and the glorious days of hunts. For some, the threads are to show the symbol of status, the royal lines of kings and queens, of their days of grandeur.

For some, they may show you the waevinf talents of princesses from their choice of coloring and intricate patterns. But for them, they are the storytelling of a secret knowledge. The knowledge that built this strong tradition and link the people, the nature, and their religion.

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