• Dappers Pomade

In addition to providing a variety of pomade, local brand and personal care range for the unconventional man Dappers Pomade recently offered an interesting product dubbed as Dappers Beard Oil “Air Suplus”. Those made for facial hair treatment products has a little bit of military genes, such as aerial supply, army surplus, and naval supply, while the ingredients are natural and comes with no side effects. If you want to use, just simply rub a little on the desired area. For those of you who are interested, the Dappers Beard Oil “Air Suplus” by Dappers Pomade is now available online and offline with retail price of IDR 95.000. Comes with a handy size of 20 ml. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, Dappers Pomade is local brand created by the creative-talented illustrator named Dimgras. It is classic waxy substance that was made for gentleman. The modern look mixed with classic style, perfectly combined to show the “image” of the brand. Few months ago, they offer three of their main products, such as The Mc Queen Light Hold Pomade that is perfect for shaping thin hair types, The Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Medium Hold Pomade that provides a smooth, shiny hold to flawlessly style your hair, and The James Dean Heavy Hold Pomade that provides heavy hold for all hair types.

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