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It is time of the year again where Mazda presents their selected Young and Vibrant Designers to showcase their brilliance at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. With the commitment in supporting Indonesia’s creative industry, this is already the sixth year Mazda has introduced and throttled the careers of talented designers to an even wider audience.

This year’s selected designers were Alex(a)lexa, Hunting Fields, and Hartono Gan. They were no strangers to the fashion industry, as they have already made such an impressive impact as fresh talents to look out for in the past few years. But this time, they are all here to make sure they are all going to not only make a mark in the fashion world, but also to say that they are here to stay.

The show was opened by 3 models, each wearing an outfit from the 3 Young and Vibrant Designers, and danced to the music along the runway, a playful tease to what the audience were about to see later in the show. Alexa(a)lexa was the first to go. A clothing line comprised of wife and husband Monique Natalia and Sendy Soeriaatmadja, they showed up in the fashion radar back in 2011 and was instantly dubbed as a brand to watch.

The collection was inspired by elements of water and fire with the water dominated in white, and fire dominated in black. The water element translated beautifully with the use ocean blue organza in most of the clothes, creating a wave effect when illuminated by the lights and movement of the model. Prints of water that sparkle and hexagons were the strong aspects that translated the strength and soothing characteristics of water. The water was soon put to an end when the fire collection burned into the room. Dominated in black and prints of fire flares, it was an aggressively burning contrast to the calming water element. Both complimented each other magnificently and created an excellently cohesive collection.

Hunting Fields, designed by Raiki Pasya, was an equally impressive feat. In collaboration with illustrator Ykha Amelz, the collection stood out in vivid brilliance. Large prints of vibrantly colorful precious stones were an absolute delight for fashion enthusiasts who have a penchant for bold and statement pieces. Each clothing wrapping the model were amplified with beautiful architecturally-structured cutting. A very sweet and strong compliment to the prints itself.

Hartono Gan closed the show with his collection that would be perfect for girls who love to be feminine yet still have that sport spunk in them. By pairing his dresses with jackets, sequined polo shirt with a soft and sweet off-white skirt, and dresses that were also dresses fit for Cinderella. Congratulations on the 3 Young and Vibrant Designers on their superb collections. Indonesia keeps birthing exceptional talents, and Mazda could not wait to see what’s next from Alex(a)lexa, Hunting fields, and Hartono Gan. See you year next year!

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