PT. Juni Suara Kreasi and Solid Records are proudly to present the latest official music video from the young musician and talented singer, Raisa, known as “Jatuh Hati”. For your short information this is her newest single in 2015 and created by Raisa Andriana and Ifa Fachir while the music is composed by Ari Rinaldi. The four minutes music video was recorded around the nature, somewhere in Indonesia, and also features famous actor Oka Antara. Along with those, the video also shows the meaning of its lyrics, as it shows a strong relationship between a man and a woman which is connected by a bond. Overall, we could label that the video as simply refreshing while the music is also quite easy listening. Without any further details, please check the official music video by Raisa above. Created by director Angga Anggur and producer Hamam Firdaus.

Born on June 6th 1990, Raisa Andriana or known by her stage name as Raisa, is an Indonesian singer. She became known after the song titled “Serba Salah”. Before becoming a solo singer, Raisa was vocalist in the band formed by Kevin Aprilio called Andante. Her singing talents have been seen since her earlier age. When she was three, little Raisa often pretends to be a singer on stage. She was the vocalist of Andante, a band founded by Kevin Aprilio. Andante was the earlier version of the band Vierra which is founded in 2008. There were five members of the band. She got eliminated from the band because the label wanted a different concept. She was also a regular singer in cafes. She got many opportunities from being a regular cafe singer. She started gaining recognition for singing “Serba Salah” and became one of the guest stars on Java Jazz Festival 2011. After performing on the prestigious event, she started to gain popularity and she got an award in Anugerah Musik Indonesia.

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